Game Guide

This document details the step to launch a web3 mobile game and the introduction to the rules of Canoe WARRIO, supported by Canoe Solana gaming DeFi SDK.
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Free to play, Free to earn!
Canoe Warrior Mobile RPG Game!

The architecture of Canoe v2 SDK

Mobile games can quickly integrate Web3 wallet module and DeFi module with simple integration with Canoe V2 SDK.
With Canoe’s DeFi Toolkit and a gaming SDK, Canoe will drive a new user-friendly arthitecture, which comine web3 account(Solana Account in Canoe Warrior game) and Gaming account.
Account system on Canoe Warrior
In Canoe Warrior, we can see some pages mixed with web2 and web3 naturally.
Pages postion
Solana account
Gaming account
Skin as NFT, Wallet module with Recieve/Transfer/Trade, Token
Coin, Diamond
Token $AART as payment.
Coin as payment
Canoe Warrio introduce the full process of deploying Canoe v2 SDK. More developing resources can be seen on Solana-Gaming-DeFi-SDK Github.

1. Introduction of Canoe WARRIOR background

Canoe WARRIOR is a mobile RPG Game with challenging 60 levels.
You will be in the role of a warrior named Shimazu. The Warrior comes home and finds out that his wife is killed.
The house was burned down
And his son is kidnaped.
Revenge now!
10 years ago, the warrior imprisoned a monster DRDCHI, now DRDCHI escape.
The monster who was sealed away.
Now, the warrior is to take his Revenge and try to rescue his son, no matter how hard that must be.
Moonlight was silvering the warrior.
Skills: To improve the skills you can upgrade the warrior by upgrades that can be bought with coins and diamonds that can be collected during play or consumed by Token $SOL.
• Dash: The skill through enemies and instantly kills them.
• Disappearing: This lets you transform into a remain unseen around your enemies.
• Shuriken: Attack the enemies from a short distance.
• Checkpoints: The checkpoint is the portal which you can come back to when .you are back to life.
There will be a user-friendly guide once starts.
Tricks of the game
  1. 1.
    3 types of pills:
    • Red pill means one life, collected by killing a dragon or ruining the wood.
    • Yellow pill means defense, collected by killing a dragon or ruining the wood.
    • Flashing red pill is a boom! Only occurs by ruining the wood.
  2. 2.
    The Hidden trap
    • The spear will generate a series of spears suddenly.
    • Flashing red pill as a boom.

2. Introduction to the use of Solana Wallet and DeFi

Canoe Warrior uses a user-friendly structure that users hardly touch web3 module until she/he wants to experience more smooth game experience or participate in the x-to-earn event.
There only are 2 scenarios that trigger the wallet module:
Die in the game, and click AART as payment.
Click on Wlallet icon on homepage

Guide on Wallet module

Create your first wallet on Solana or a specific wallet to experience the game.
Step1, click 'Create a new wallet
Step2, Write down your seed phrase and NEVER SHARE IT ONLINE
Step3, export the Seed Phrase by clicking in the right order.
Step4, Click 'Recieve' to get Sol asset through Canoe Warrior OAT campaign, wallet, or Binance/FTX exchange.
Step5, copy the address to receive.
Import your wallet in the same way, but we highly recommend user can use a new/specific wallet to experience any gamefi project of Solana. Higher risk on phrase exposure on mobile end!

Guide on DeFi module

Get your AART on Jupiter Aggregator DEX when it shows insufficient.
Step1, Click on 'SWAP' icon or 'Trade' of 'Skin' page.
Step2, Choose AART token
Step3, Click 'Trade’
DeFi module

3. Web3 and Web2 SaaS system

Apply an ID to get access first here.