Vision, Mission, Value

Vision: DeFi at your fingertips.

“DeFi at your fingertip” will be the core of all future developments and expansions. Under this vision, we have two rules:
  1. 1.
    Scenario-first instead of Finance-first.
The concept behind the vision is a financial service spirit. We are not building a financial platform, we are seeking to become the porter of DeFi.
Scenario-First trading in the Metaverse will be huge, just as people use Apple Pay or mobile payment in offline scenes such as Costco shopping. The vision is to solve and bring solutions to the challenges—scenario-first. For example, scenario-first trading keeps the experience of the gamer at heart, making the gaming experience a friendly sail while we cater to a strong financial canoe.
2. Everyone can experience the Metaverse, across all ranges of capital.
Metaverse users experience the financial difficulty of the inability to play games with the threshold of entry being particularly high. Without at least 100 U.S. dollars, a user will not be able to experience the Metaverse. This is where we come in. We are hopeful that they can experience the free and open spirit of Metaverse even with $1 in their account. This will bring together users at all levels gearing mass adoption where small and micro individuals can experience the Metaverse and access all financial services they need.
We seek to provide innovations in algorithms and the assurance of liquidity. To lower the liquidity threshold of the scene, we need to make more revolutionary innovations in algorithms and liquidity protocols and devote ourselves to improving the capital utilization rate so that projects can serve users with efficient capital with increased profits and revenue.
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Mission: Accessible Financial Service for Metaverse.

With the mission “Accessible Financial Service for Metaverse with one simple integration,” we plan to address all challenges by implementing and launching a financial infrastructure solution on the public chain. Canoe Finance will continue to develop solutions for the gaming blockchains, work continuously on developing financial gaming infrastructures and provide vital financial services.

Value: Courage, Marginalized ship, Long-term

  • Courage. Canoe is blazing a new revolutionary trail, and new changes are needed to the existing financial structure. Thereby, challenges and obstacles, such as frustration in algorithm development, limited liquidity funds, and distrust in scenarios will appear along the way. We will deliver on our promises through our experienced team and a plethora of resources, creating a new algorithm that encapsulates all platform-level financial services into an easy-to-use component that puts DeFi at your fingertips requires a lot of courage and persistence.
  • Marginalized Ship. Web3's innovation is from the edge, and we strongly believe in targeting a marginalized community, the gaming community, to bring a new round of changes. The courage to start from the bottom-up will one day become mainstream when it comes to driving innovation from the edge. We will gather a group of excellent mathematicians and physicists from all over the world in the future.
  • Long-term. The manifestation of a decentralized financial system, especially an easy and accessible Metaverse financial infrastructure platform, will take time. Pioneering in this new world is hard, but achievable, this is why it is crucial to remain focused on long-term impact as only those can be firm on the path and never back down from any obstacles they might face.
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Vision: DeFi at your fingertips.
Mission: Accessible Financial Service for Metaverse.
Value: Courage, Marginalized ship, Long-term