iOS Setup


Clone git repo first and make sure your flutter environment is available.
  • Firebase
    Firebase is used as the backend service to store data. So an google account is needed.
    We use flutterfire generate config files both for flutter, android and ios so that your don't have to download and import these files by yourself.
    dart pub global activate flutterfire_cli
    flutterfire configure --account [your-firebase-account]
  • Messaging
    We use legacy cloud messaging by firebase so that you should enable it by yourself at [Project settings / Cloud Messaging] on firebase website.
    For iOS. APNs Authentication Key is needed. Your can generate this service key from apple developer site and import it from firebase [project settings / Cloud Messaging / Apple app configuration]. On iOS platform, Messaging only available on real device.
  • Maps
    We use google maps api to get location information.
    Setup fields maps_api_key, android_maps_api_key, ios_maps_api_key on [AppInfo / settings] collection on firebase storage.
  • Audio / Video
    We use agora as the audio/video service. Also, create an debug api key and setup field agora_app_id to AppInfo settings on firebase storage.
You can find all these keys defined in AppInfo (lib/datas/app_info.dart) file.