Revenue Sharing Contract

Revenue Sharing Contract
Different Gamefi projects may charge a handling fee on top of the user's payment, once set by game, the revenue is divided into two major sections:
  • Game projects and DaaS distribution system.
  • Canoe Treasury.
For example, a $1000 trade, there be 2 cases:
  • The game project set 0 fee, then game and canoe treasury raise 0 fee.
  • The game project set 0.5% fee.
    • If no DaaS, game id will get 0.4% and Canoe Treasury get 0.1% fee, $4 and $1 respectively.
    • If game IDs under DaaS, the DaaS will get 0.1%, Canoe Treasury get 0.1%, Game ID get 0.3%. $1, 20% of the fee for DaaS. $1, 20% of the fee for Canoe Treasury. $3, 60% of the fee for Game projects.