Canoe Finance
Canoe Toolkit 1.0
Canoe Toolkit 1.0 Introduction.

Seamless Integration

The canoe toolkit can be added to any website or APP with a few lines of code. Integrate with Canoe to onboard more users and grow your business revenue stream.

Integration Features

yarn start
yarn build
GitHub - Canoe-Finance/MetaDex-SDK: MetaDex Plugin
Canoe's SDK features

Toolkit 1.0 Module Component

Swap Info Module

The top of the home page shows the easy Swap statistics for Token. The page contains Price, 24-h Change, Market Cap, Addresses, Liquidity, 24-h Volume and K-chart. Display Token's contract address.

Project Info Module

On the project Info page, we capture and display Token data from COINGECKO. And they are syncing their social media profiles and websites.

News Module

Synchronizes the article content within Medium with the new page associated with Token based on the Medium link provided by the project. When clicked on, you can quickly jump to the appropriate Medium page.

Social Media Module

Crawls $topics related to tokens on Twitter in real-time, synchronizing all $content to the plug-in page. Check out the latest $ described user posts in real-time to keep users up to date on social media information.

Swap Module

We integrate the API of many Swaps on the BSC chain and strive to achieve the best-priced aggregation Dex on BSC. When using Swap, we can see the best path for the exchange. The course is modified at any time based on the optimal price. After the user has confirmed the optimal price, the corresponding transaction will be executed.
You can complete the Swap operation by selecting the Token you hold and the Token you want to trade from the list. Click on Swap and wait for the Swap to be credited.

Swap settings

Users can customize the Swap sliding point parameters to meet their specific Token trading requirements. Additionally, you can configure the time-out to cancel the session after a specified time.

Credit Card Module

Integrate the Bifinity credit card payment function. Using the API provided by Bifinity, you can buy tokens directly using a Visa-enabled credit card. You can choose to settle in dollars and set the slide point and prompt time.
If you are a Binance user, you are not required to use Bifinity's KYC module.

Cross-Chain Module

Integrate reliable third-party cross-chain functionality to allow users to bridge tokens across different chains, making it easy for users to use the cross-chain functionality directly.