Getting Started with Canoe Finance?

Canoe APP Eco

A mobile app matrix, powered by Canoe DeFi SDK that provides liquidity solutions to earn on mobile, bridging developing countries and the web3. It supports app development and co-liquidity pools. Aiming to attract more developers to join the web3 open source mobile stack.

Canoe Token

The utility used for capital flow for user growth hacking in developing countries.
Users will be rewarded with Canoe tokens through DeFI scholarships and tap into web2 to support the token/NFT value. Web3 traders will contribute to the capital flow through the Canoe App Eco through token trading. And earn trading fee revenues in the DeFi SDK.
Canoe Earning
Canoe Burning (Revenue Model)
Canoe Tokenomics
Financial Statement

Unity SDK

Provides web2 user-friendly architectures on mobile game

Flutter SDK

Web3 mobile use case with NFT community

Competitor Comparison


  • Pikeman - Co-liquidity pool for web3 traders
  • Arche Guild ALliance (AGA) - partners to offer scholarships in developing countries