What is DaaS?

What is DaaS?

Thanks for our powerful revenue sharing contract and decentralized front-end, we can provide the DEX service quickly.
DaaS, DEX as a Service, aggregate the liquidity of DEX to help website owners, individuals, and project parties quickly build their own DEX, enjoy a share of DEX fees, and better serve their users.

Problems of CEX service purchase:

  • Hacking risk
  • Policy risk
  • Expensive costs
  • User mistrust
  • Liquidity risk
  • Key features centralized by the provider
  • Unstable product and technical architecture.

DaaS service

With tools such as the DaaS (DEX as a service) and the partner plan, crypto users can quickly build and promote their own DEX within one infrastructure. In other words, projects can build on Canoe DaaS service, which will serve as a DeFi primitive, allowing users to access transactions, information portals, forums, etc. All these features in Web 2.0 will have their traffic carried down to Canoe and third parties projects using DaaS core module plug-in service.
  • Industry value — Canoe DaaS brings a unique offering to the system, enabling us to use DEX as the critical infrastructure to provide users with a better trading experience on-chain DEX. By employing the technical architecture of Canoe, projects can become a trading platform to third-party customers and C-end users with an offering of the largest daily activity and transaction volume of users.
  • DaaS details:
    • Customized module services, through SaaS system to replace the banner of aggregated DEX, recommended coins.
    • Liquidity Services, project parties can build a liquidity pool based on Canoe to improve capital efficiency.
    • Aggregator Services, which can integrate more diverse DeFi infrastructure in the future to enrich DEX functionality.
    • DaaS fee structure. no fee if the partner sets a rate of 0 in the contract; 15% of the rate if the partner sets a rate in the smart contract Custom sites are charged on demand.
      • Separate fee for more advanced integration services required
      • Separate charge for advertising services
      • Separate charge for Mathematical optimization and measurement of liquidity
      • Separate fee for trading contest and DID account system opening for trading users

DaaS partner program

DaaS distribution system profile.
Purpose: Sell DaaS to more customers.
Incentive system: Canoe treasury incentive, transaction fee share.