Tokenomic Philosophy

Philosophy: Connect developed countries and developing countries by the crypto capital flow.


In the current global crisis, many countries face various crises such as fiat currency collapse, civil unrest, war, dictatorship, etc. The web3 network with the concept of mobile-first can spread to every corner of the world. It further strengthens decentralization while bringing new hope for people in a closed social system. People have earned hard assets using these gamefi and provided for their families. $CANOE expects the next trend to have more countries like the Philippines in web3 finance. ​
$CANOE connect developed countries and developing countries by the crypto capital flow. With web3 widespread on the smartphone, $CANOE hope can be a bridge to the global world in the current global crisis, and bring web3 opportunities to developing countries including Africa on mobile.

Why-? Launch token to support Canoe APP Eco

We are building the Canoe APP ecosystem in 3 ways:
  1. 1.
    Providing the mobile stack developing support and liquidity pool with open source tool.
  2. 2.
    Reward to Devs who contribute to Canoe Open Source Mobile Stack
  3. 3.
    Co-marketing with AGA, a guild alliance supported by Canoe, to provide DeFi education on mobile.
The Canoe App ecosystem aims to provide opportunities for the mobile-to-earn paradigm.
Capital flow works in Web3 Mobile APP
All the users are rewarded from the liquidity mechanism, and revenue in a traditional App will go into a shared-liquidity pool, which supports crypto users’ trading and DeFi behaviour. When co-liquidity is functional, the ecosystem will boom, and more App developers will flock to the Canoe App eco, not just because of its open-source mobile SDK infrastructure, but also because of its co-marketing and mobile-to-earn incentives.

$CANOE Earnings

  • SDK Contributors.
  • Canoe APP eco smartphone users with on-chain behavior.
  • Liquidity Provider on Pikeman pool.
  • Scholarship on Mobile Data to earn with projects.

$CANOE Burning(Revenue Model)

  • Burning $CANOE by trading fee in DeFi smart contract.
  • Burning $CANOE by Liquidity management fee.