Keep updating

2021 Q4

  • Website 1.0 online.
  • Onboard 10+ DaaS Partners.
  • Small trade algorithm research

2022 Q1

  • Launch a whitelist challenge game for users
  • Received the Grant from Polygon and Rangers Protocol
  • Aggregated contract on EVM chain.
  • 1,000+ entries were received and only 100 participants get the whitelist

2022 Q2

  • Official Web update.
  • Alpha testing with seed users on GameFi and Guild Scenario on BNB Chain.
  • Pikeman DEX plan on Rangers Protocol GameFi Chain back by small trade algorithm.
  • Integrate Binance Connect SDK as a credit card Service.
  • Integrate with DODO, 0x, 1inch, and paraswap as aggregator API data.

2022 Q3

  • Develop Unity-compatible gaming SDK.
  • Fully support a mobile game Canoe Warrior with Unity Gaming DeFi SDK on Solana.
  • Canoe Gaming DeFi SDK is listed on Solana Games Kit by Solana Foundation team.
  • Fully support a mobile Social APP Canoe Dating with Flutter DeFi SDK on Solana.
  • Wormhole Node Service of cross-chain with Rust-based Chain to Mobile.

2022 Q4

  • Get Klaytn's Merit Prize at xHack hosted by Jump Pit in Chicago.
  • Provide mobile App DeFi utility for NFT, partner with Angrycat NFT project.
  • Push marketing and DeFi education on mobile with AGA guild alliance.
  • Provide DeFi SDK standard with Rangers Game Chain.
  • Join at Antalpha HackerHouse and Philippine Web3 Festival.
  • AMM Math Conference at Canoe Anniversary.

2023 Phase 1

  • Build open-source DeFi SDK on SUI.
  • Publish the liquidity standard of the first batch of PIKEMAN.
  • Finish the paper PoC at Hackathon or Incubator.
  • Testing PIKEMAN DEX on high-tps chain. (Solana, SUI)

2023 Phase 2

  • Launch $CANOE token on PIKEMAN Liquidity Pool.
  • Support the first gamefi project with Liquidity Bootstrapping.
  • New liquidity management tool for gamefi projects
  • Launch Pikeman Co-liquidity Pool.