Open-source infra and public research for on-chain Market Makers, by contributors.

Boo Stark, Core contributor

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Boo is an AnchorDAO LAB member and contributor on @AGAMetaverse. Co-writer of "A Mathematical View of Automated Market Maker Algorithms and ITS FUTURE." He has won the second place prize in the blockchain model design competition, which MakerDAO also participated in in 2018. In addition, he launched the DeFi platform PIZZA.Finance on EOS in 2018 and the lending platform MORECOIN in 2019.

Jamee, Contributor

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Jamee was part of the project building team of Web2 and worked as the Head Community Manager of GoldFinX in the Phili. She was the Marketing Specialist and Operational Manager of successful Metaverse projects like Blockwarrior and MetaWorld.

Shubham, Contributor

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Previously worked at Polygon and rct AI before joining Canoe. He started his career as a Business Analyst and soon shifted to Business Development. He contributed to the ecosystem of Mirror World and Delysium by serving as Head of Business Development for all kind of partnerships.

Clayon, Contributor

Joined Huobi as of 2018, was a member of Huobi Heco chain team, senior full-stack developer with a mild code pet peeve, pursuer of product experience, and loyal fan of Rust. He is proficient in front-end and Solana smart contracts, has participated in the development of Solana lending protocol, and also developed Substrate chain and Dapp.

Jin Chen, Contributor

Jin Chen has done web2 products in different directions such as social media, e-commerce, and has rich experience in mobile products. Worked in Xiaomi and Taobao successively. In 2021, he was responsible for Taobao information flow products and contributed to the innovation of information flow content.

Dainiel, Contributor

Full-stack engineering on mobile development, he previously launched a Web2 Social App alone. Worked at ThoughtWorks as an Agile Consultant before being a freelancer. Has experience in front-end(TS/JS/REACT/FLUTTER), backend(Rust/Java), DevOps, and agile.

Bowen, Contributor

Bowen is the core unity developer of Play GZ, a mobile games apps company that mainly serves developing countries' players. Bowen joined Play GZ in early 2008 and oversaw the company's turn from 50 players of games to global players of over 10 million people based in China, the Philippines, and India. The company showed 100% growth year-on-year since its formation. Bowen has been involved in mobile entertainment since the early days of mobile data downloads and has been responsible for launching some of the biggest brands in mobile gaming.

Diamond “LoulouBey”, Contributor

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Diamond is an Experienced Information Technology, web3/Decentralized Finance(DeFi)/NFT Analyst/Consultant with an on-chain history of working in the information technology and web3/blockchain industry. Continuing to learn in JavaScript, Python, Node, Solidity, and both Ethereum & Bitcoin blockchains.

Evan Wang, Contributor

Evan, a BanklessDao member and co-founder of UBC blockchain is a finance major at UBC Sauder. In 2019, he transitioned from mining to trading. He worked for MetaWorlds as an analyst to learn more about the NFT real estate market and to know the inner-workings of a crypto start-up. He completed UC BerkeleyX’s Bitcoin and Smartcontract fundamentals and BMC Market concepts to further his knowledge in the digital and traditional finance world. He is now managing a personal portfolios of NFTS, alt coins and yield farming in certain defi protocols.


Chris Zhu, Mirror World CEO&Co founder.


Nana, Clover Finance CMO.


Yuen, Labs Group CEO & Bitmart Partner.


Tom, Kairon Labs, market maker