Introduction to Canoe

Welcome to Canoe Finance, where we sail together for a better MetaFi, all at the comfort of your fingertips.
This document will allow you to get on board, and learn how to use our composable SDKs and other products.

What is Canoe Finance?

In a nutshell, Canoe Finance, is a simple MetaFi integration with an upgradable SDK.
Canoe Finance is an open-source DeFi SDK, providing liquidity solutions to earn on mobile.

Our Vision

DeFi at your fingertips.
Our core vision is to provide an accessible DeFi, and reach global users, especially developing countries, to experience web3 mobile apps. Users will be able to sail towards the Metaverse, with Canoe Finance, with low threshold and capital entry but with increased profits and revenue.

Our Mission

Canoe Finance aims to be the go-to convenience store for everything DeFi, with even better pricing for all.

All your needed Financial Tools are in Canoe Finance.

Integrating Canoe Finance’s interoperable financial toolkit interface with a powerful SDK, allows you to complete safe transactions cross-chain, through credit cards, with features such as lending functionalities and more.
The Canoe Toolkit engine + DeFi aggregator provides a responsive and intuitive interface to seamlessly bridge between Web2 / Web3 portals with just a few lines of code.

Mobile First Focus

Canoe Finance enables a user-friendly mobile app and allows all its users to enjoy the benefits of mobile to- earn.

Open Source Initiative

The Canoe Finance SDK is designed for easy integration and use, ensuring a smooth development process.
We provide solutions to Web3 developers who have faced challenges due to limited capabilities of infra SDKs to support mobile developments. Here at Canoe Finance, we got it all for you.

What can you do with Canoe Finance?


A SocialFi and GameFi app for mobiles, will allow fun play and easy access for everyone.
Partnered with lead mobile developers and platforms, like Android, IOS, Unity, Flutter and Pristine, we bring a new way to play casual game and social apps.

Canoe Talk

A SocialFi mobile app, that connects people in a safe and secured space in the web2 and web3. Share the unique space with friends, and trade NFTs seamlessly within Canoe Talk.

Canoe Warrior

A mobile RPG game with 60 challenging levels, designed to showcase players’ skills. Explore the wonderful gameplay and storyline of Canoe Warrior and get hooked in its amazing graphics and interface.

Core Features:

  • Upgradeable with full SDK support
  • Web component technology instant response
  • Data separation architecture safety protocol
  • Professional market maker liquidity
  • Timely deposit and trade
  • Late aggregation of multi-asset cross-chain, multi-asset collateral lending, and other functional modules
  • Dynamic constant function to re-peg the AMM